Start Your Dream Home-Based Business

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Want to start a business from home but don’t know where to begin?

Brainstorming ideas but still getting nowhere?

Worried in case you start the wrong type of home business for you?

Do you desperately want to take control of your income and start reaching your income goals?

Whether you’re looking to leap into female entrepreneurship full-time, looking for a side-hustle, or wanting a second income stream, then you need this starter kit.


This is a PDF instant digital download.

This is a starter kit to help you find and start your very own home-based business.

Think of it as a workbook with guidance and exercises to help you find your dream home-based business.

The kit showcases 30+ home business ideas, sorted into six different categories, which helps you choose the best type of home business which suits you and to also accommodate your lifestyle choices.

Not all home-based or online businesses suit everyone, we’re all different and therefore we need to be careful as to what type of business to start which suits us personally.

It’s no good starting a business because you see another female entrepreneur having great success with her business, only to find out six months down the line that you hate and don’t enjoy it.

That business model may suit *Carole* but it doesn’t necessarily suit you.


I created this kit specifically for women who want to start their own home-based business but literally don’t know where to begin.

It’s also ideal for women who already run a business but would like a second income stream.

I see so many women who want to start a home based business but have no idea what types of home businesses are out there, and then not sure which one to choose which suits them.

This starter kit was designed to cut out all of this confusion and to guide and lead you to choose the right home business which suits your goals and lifestyle choices.


The Home-Based Business Starter Kit is a PDF digital download which consists of 40 pages.

It’s a workbook to help you identify what’s the best home business for you.

The kit is in two parts:
Part I: Awareness + Part II: Action

Part I: Awareness

This is where you become aware and educated on the different types of home businesses there are to choose from.

I’ve outlined 30+ home business ideas and divided them into six different categories. I’ve done this so you can see straight away if you want to rule out a whole set of business ideas and instantly see which ones you’re drawn too.

More Help and Advice

I’ve also put the business ideas into a couple of table formats so you can visually see which business ideas fall under each category.

There’s also a section on home businesses you can start with zero money – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many home businesses you can start with no money at all!

Part II: Action

This is where you take action to map out and start your own home based business from what you’ve learnt in Part I.

The Self-Assessment Exercise

This section starts with the self-assessment exercise where I get you to write down your personality type, your lifestyle and your business goals.

I do this so you can then match up a home business which suits your personality and (yes you’ve guessed it) your lifestyle and business goals!

By doing this exercise, you will hopefully get to to choose the right home-based business from the onset.

Action-Based Worksheets

After the self-assessment exercise, there are a further four exercises + worksheets to help you research and hone-in to find your dream home-based business.

  • Brainstorming Exercise + Worksheet
  • Identify Best 2 Home Business Exercise + Worksheet
  • Action Steps Mapping Worksheet
  • Business Plan Summary Mapping Worksheet


This an instant digital download workbook which was specifically created to help women find a home business which suits their personality, lifestyle and business goals.

So if you’re struggling to find a home business idea which suits you, or you want to create a second income stream, then you’ll just love this starter kit as it’ll take you one step further towards starting your dream home business.

  • Become a female entrepreneur.
  • Start a side hustle.
  • Create a second income stream.

$17.00 | PDF Digital Download