30+ Business Ideas For Women At Home – Part II

This Business Ideas for Women at Home guide is totally free and is split into three parts (as its too long for one blog post).

So if you landed on this page first, then I urge you to go back to Part I and read it from the start as the first part covers Online Business Ideas.

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These ideas don’t rely on making money from the Internet.

Although you can incorporate marketing your business online – which you definitely should do – I don’t class the home businesses below as ‘online businesses’.

Typing From Home Business

No typing from home scams here!  What I’m talking about is starting your own typing business from home.  This is a great opportunity for all you typists out there.

What Is It?
You’re not relying on others to get typing from home jobs.  You’re creating your own typing from home business working the hours that you want to work and earn the income you want to earn!

You don’t even need to be a super-fast typist, just being accurate is all that is required.

Potential Income
You can earn in excess of $1,900/£1,200 per month.  There are different pay structure for different types of typing work, but they all earn a good hourly rate.

Further Information
I used to run my own Typing business from home a few years ago, but the need for this service is declining. The reason being is that just about everybody has their own PC / Laptop and printer at home and so most people just do their own typing.

However – believe me when I say that typing services are still in demand especially for larger projects.


  • University dissertations
  • Typing up short stories for computer-illiterate authors
  • Transcriptions of podcasts for online entrepreneurs

Do you see where I’m coming from?

To learn more about setting up your own typing business and earn £1,200/$1,900 per month, go here:

Sorry, page being updated, will put link here when this has been done.

House Cleaning Business

Wherever there’s dust, there’s money to be made.

Anyone can do house cleaning as there is no special qualification or skill needed.  You just need an eye for ‘attention to detail’ to make sure you do a very good clean!

What Is It?
This business requires very little start-up capital, all you need is a few cleaning products and you’re on your way.  You don’t necessarily need a car (although this helps enormously), but you would need to be very specific in what areas you clean as to cut down on travelling time.

Potential Income
If you do lots of advertising and are prepared to work a full week, you could earn $300 a week.  However this business is very flexible and you will find that customers tend to want the same slots each week or bi-weekly.  This means that you can plan your cleans to allow you to work on a part-time basis if you so wish.

Further Information
There’s not a great lot of preparation that needs to go into the setting-up of this business, but there is a few things which you need to know in order to run a professional and profitable house cleaning business.

To learn more about setting up your own house cleaning business the right way and earn $300 per week, go here:

>> How To Start a Cleaning Business from Scratch

Home Based Jewelry Business

Make your own jewelry and sell it at craft fairs, party’s or Online.  This is a good little side-business if you are into crafts so you can enjoy your hobby but earn from it at the same time.

What Is It?
You basically make your own jewelry and learn the best ways to sell it to your target audience.

You’ll have to decide which type of jewelry you want to make as this will have a massive impact on who you should target.

For example, do you wan to create Gothic jewelry or jewelry for teens or for the mature lady?

So as you can see, the style of jewelry you make will force you to market your jewelry collection differently.

Income Potential
I cannot put a figure on here as there are too many variances, but I do know that you can earn at least a part-time income from this.  If you put a lot of effort and time into it, then earning a full-time income is very doable too.

Further information
There are many places to sell jewelry both offline and online.

  • Do you want to travel to craft fairs?
  • Do you want to hose jewelry house parties?
  • What about selling on Etsy?

These are all the things which you need to take into consideration if you want to take your home-based jewelry business seriously in order to make it successful and profitable.

Cake Decorating Business

Cake decorating is fun! Nearly all cake decorators start out as a hobby, some people start cake decorating because they have young children and they start making specialty birthday cakes for them.

What Is It?
You enjoy decorating cakes, you have a talent for it and now you’re thinking of making this hobby into a business, whether that be a sideline or a full-time business.

Income Potential
This business can be time-consuming so it depends on how many cakes you make per week and how much you charge for them.  But if you enjoy this as a hobby then it’s a great little earner.

Further Information
This business model is definitely on the ‘up’ as creatively decorated cakes are definitely in demand, especially among moms who want them for their children’s birthday parties.

>> How To Start a Cake Business From Home

Business Ideas for
Women at Home

Children’s Day Care

A day care in your home may be a great way for you to start a home based business.

In this business, you will be caring for children of your clients.

This includes:

  • Playing with them.
  • Keeping them safe.
  • Taking them too and from nursery/school.
  • Sometimes offering a bit of education.

This type of business can be very successful if you love children and are passionate about caring for them.

There are some very strict laws in place regarding this type of business, so you will need to do some additional local research before getting started.

Who Is Right For This Job?
A home based business in child day care is a good fit for many women. You have to love children and have lots of patience for them. You also need to have a home that can accommodate the children in a safe way. Having an outdoor, fenced in yard can also be helpful. You may already have children and watching one or two more may not be a big problem. Still, you do have to keep in mind a few specifics.

Most cities and states do monitor in home day care facilities to ensure the children are being cared for properly and that one adult is not watching too many children. These numbers change widely based on local laws. In addition to this, the state may wish to inspect your home to ensure that you can provide a quality home that is safe and secure for the children you watch.

Qualities & Experience Needed
It may seem like a lot work and could be very stressful, but that needn’t necessarily be the case. If you have experience working with children, such as in a school setting, you may be a great fit for this business. Keep in mind that you’re likely to need to show others that you are capable of providing quality service for their children. You will need to provide them with references and a background check.

A home based day care is a big undertaking with a lot of responsibility involved. However, you can work the hours you want; as long as you have clients for that time.

You’ll need to market your services locally and recommended word-of-mouth tends to be the best method of advertising.

This is a rewarding home business for naturally caring and children-loving women. For many, it is the best way to truly give back to the community too.

Accounting / Book-Keeping

For those who love math and have an accounting background, you may be able to use these skills to help you to create a business from your home.

Accounting is the method of managing the accounts receivable and accounts payable for a business. Many businesses hire full time staff to manage these financials, but sometimes, small businesses do not have the ability to hire someone to do this work for them. They turn to freelancers and accounting consultants who work for a set fee per week or month from their homes.

What The Job Entails
When you work at home as an accountant or book-keeper, you’ll be managing the books of a business, or more than one of them. Often, these professionals handle tasks like making payments for the company, collecting invoices, sending invoices and balancing the company’s profit and loss statements.

Most of the work is done via your own special accounting software and sometimes through direct connections to the business’s computer system.

Educational Requirements
As with any business in which specific skills are needed, to be proficient as an accountant or book-keeper, you do need to have an education in the field. Most accountants do have a four year degree.

On the other hand, you may handle just the recording of financials rather than the analysis of them. In this case, you may work as a bookkeeper. This professional job does require training but often a two year degree or on the job experience is all that is needed.

If you have previously worked in the accounting industry, then you likely have all the experience you need to do well as an accountant. You may need to freshen up on skills. You may also need to take on some training on various accounting software tools, as needed by the company.

The amount of money you can make as an at home accountant ranges widely. Some people make a considerable amount of money by working with several businesses. Others specialize in certain fields and may charge more for doing so.

If you have the ability to work in this field, then working from home is not difficult to make happen. You will need to market yourself and be able to communicate to businesses. In many cases, you will need to take steps to sell yourself until you get the type of business you need.

Many, many businesses need freelance accounting / book-keeping services.

At Home Wedding Planner

Do you love weddings? Do you have experience planning them? If so, you could have a job as a wedding planner or a bridal consultant.

This at home business does require more out of home planning, but this is a business you can run mostly from your home. The job of a consultant is to plan virtually all aspects of the wedding, around the bride and groom’s wishes. For these who are very organized and pay attention to the details, this could be a great home based business for you. 

The Job Of A Consultant
Before you consider starting a wedding planning business, keep in mind the stresses and demands of this job. First, you will need to find clients to work with. You may be able to network with friends and family at first and then later expand through advertising methods. Once you get the clients, you then need to work with them on a budget. Like most people, brides and grooms often want more from their money than they can get. It is your job to make the most of their budget and still make their dreams come true.

As a Wedding Planner your role will be to help with locating venues for the wedding and reception. You  will help find entertainment, photographers, wedding attire, and transportation. The job of a wedding consultant is often multifaceted. For example, you need to work with the bride and groom to make decisions while keeping the wedding within budget.

As a Wedding Planner, you’ll spend a lot of time ensuring that tasks have been completed, which is why organization is so important.

Starting This Business
If you’re considering becoming a Wedding Planner / Consultant, you’ll need to be an expert on the area in which you live, so you know where professional services are located. You may wish to start planning weddings with friends and family who are more forgiving. Once you have some experience, you can network with churches and other groups to find brides and grooms to work with. There is little outlay of expenses in starting this type of job, but it is very important for you to have a contract that outlines what you will do.

For those that love a wedding, keep in mind that many wedding planners also plan other large events such as anniversary parties, sweet 16 parties and some also do business events. There are often opportunities for wedding planners who are outgoing and willing to go out and find the business.

Business Ideas for
Women at Home

Medical Or Legal Coding

Medical and legal coding is a process of helping doctors and attorneys to handle their documentation and reports.

It’s often confused with medical billing. In medical billing, you will submit claims to insurance companies or to Medicaid/Medicare. With medical and legal coding, you are helping physicians to perform their requirements for diagnosis and legal reporting. The two are quite different but both are opportunities to work from home.

To work from home, you will need to obtain a degree or some level of training. The training provides you with an understanding of how to use the required programs, how to recognize all terminology and how to work with doctors and attorneys properly. Training does not guarantee a job for you, but it can help you to get a job.

How It Works
You can work as a medical coder at home or at the doctor’s offices in your area. Doctors and attorneys often send out this work rather than hiring someone to do it in house since it is less expensive to go that route. You will need to find a coding company to work through from home. Another option is to be hired by a doctor or attorney to do the work from home. In either option, you will need to find local jobs in your local area or work from a larger online firm. 

Potential Income
The amount of money you can earn from coding is dependent on where you work, who you work for, your location as well as your experience. Experienced coders will make more, as will those who work with multiple clients on a regular basis.

Coders working full time can expect to earn $35,000 or more per year on average. Those that work from home (freelance) may charge around 80 cents per code that they do. 

More Information
To get more information about medical coding, definitely talk with those in your local area first. You can also find a number of great forums and discussion boards online to help you. Below are some of the resources you may want to start with.

For education, try Meditec.com and AHIMA.org. For legal coding, try UC Davis Health System. You may be able to work directly with a company online, never leaving your home.

For those with a background in any medical or legal field, this work at home business is ideal. The opportunities here are not as limited as you may think.

At Home Tutoring

Many individuals need extra help in school. From primary education up through college, students often need help learning. If you have a decent education and the willingness to work one on one with others, then home tutoring is a fantastic opportunity to earn a second income from home.

Not everyone is qualified for this position, but for those who are, the options can be endless. Home tutors may charge between $30 and $100 or more per hour depending on the type of education, the local environment, and their skills.

Requirements For Home Tutoring
To be a home tutor, you will need to have some skills in teaching. Those who wish to charge the most are going to need some formal teaching education or background. For example, some teachers supplement their income working from home tutoring. If you are a former teacher, this could work well for you. If you do not have this type of education, you still may benefit from this type of work at home opportunity.

The key to remember here is that home tutoring is not for everyone. You will need to be someone that can work well with others and who understands the concepts being taught by the school. You may need to help children with learning disabilities or those who do not like to learn. You may wish to take a few classes to freshen up on the areas you will be tutoring in, too.

Most tutors do specialize in certain subjects, such as reading, math, or science.

How To Get Started
To be successful as a home tutor, you will need to have students on a regular basis. After school homework help is one option. Students come to you, or you go to their houses, for an hour or so after school to work with you on their homework.

Other students require just some additional help in one or two subjects and may need a one to two hour block of time dedicated to that topic once or twice per week.

Online tutoring is an option too which can be done via specialized teaching via ‘blackboard’ type software.

Finding those to work with is as easy as listing your services online, in local ads, and at local schools.

Desktop Publishing

A lucrative home based business is desktop publishing. Desktop publishing is using your computer to design various flyers, brochures or other printed material for businesses and organizations. For those who are experienced with the various methods of doing desktop publishing, this could be a great home based business idea. The various methods include a range of different software programs. Digital art and design are becoming more important than ever.

The more capable you are in these areas, the more likely you are to find stable work in this industry.

Is It Right For You?
If you have worked in marketing or design in the past, and would like to start offering some of your skills as a freelance designer, desktop publishing is a good option. In order to do this job well, you will need to be able to display quality talent. Ultimately, experience and talent is what defines this job. In other words, if you can show a business a great looking brochure you did for another company, they are more likely to work with you.

In addition, you will need to have desktop publishing software on your computer. Most new computers do come with some types of software that can be used for desktop publishing. You may wish to use this type of software until you earn enough to invest in more elaborate or higher quality options.

This home based business also requires a good deal of proactive selling. You will need to sell your skill and services to local businesses. Some individuals work solely with Internet businesses. In either case, there is a good deal of competition, which means you will need to show why your products are the best investment for the business.

Getting Started
To get started in desktop publishing, you will need to market your skills in person, either by approaching business owners, or on the web. You may wish to create a website to help you to sell your services. Some individuals will do a few free samples to get their feet wet and to get a few recommendations under their belt.

Desktop publishing can be an outstanding at home business for the designer. Having a background in marketing or copywriting is helpful. You may be able to find educational programs and tutorials available online to help you, too. Take some time explore how well this business would work for your particular skills. If it is a match, get started helping businesses to sell their products and services.

Business Ideas for
Women at Home

Real Estate Agent

Perhaps you have a passion for sales. You enjoy watching the real estate market and love to help other people find opportunities.

You can do this as a real estate agent working from home.

Some agents work out of an office, but most of the work done by an agent can be done from home. The marketing, legal aspects and research is all able to be done right from home. This allows all types of individuals to work around their busy home schedules to also help sell homes. Those who are interested in this type of home based business do need to do a bit more research before deciding this is the right job for them.

The Job of an Agent
The job of a real estate agent working from home entails finding clients to sell homes to or to help sell their home. You also need to be available to show them homes they could be interested in. In addition, you need to host open houses for those homes you are selling. As you can see, some of this business’s responsibilities do require you to be out of the office. Yet, most other aspects allow you to work right from home.

To become a real estate agent, you do have to get a real estate license. This often takes up to two years to complete. After receiving the necessary education, you then need to sit for a state mandated licensing exam. Once you pass, you will be well on your way to becoming an agent. Most states require agents to work under a real estate broker, but brokers are happy to have you on board if you can help sell homes.

Is this job right for you? You will need to be a sales person. You do need to go after the clients to find them. This often means networking locally. Some agents also provide services online, for long distance moves or second homes. You will need to have good communication skills and be willing to go out of your way to find the right home for your buyer.

The job of a real estate agent often means many hours. You are only paid when you sell a home or help someone to buy a home. Nevertheless, this home based business is one of the best in terms of financial return for those who have the ability to do well in the industry.

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